Welcome friends.  I’m Barbara, or Barb as most of my friends call me.  I am a healthcare veteran, a writer, a caregiver, and a survivor of life and all it has thrown at me.

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, impart a little knowledge, maybe spark a chuckle and most important – to help others. You see, I believe we don’t spend enough time helping others. We all have these experiences in this thing called life, but we keep those experiences close and rarely do we let them out.

As Jef Goins, writer and mentor in absentia (in case he doesn’t know it) says “I believe we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world.” I like to believe I have gifts as well and I have a burning desire to share them.

Like Jef, I’ve written most of my life – in school, at work, and for fun but it was only in the past year that I decided it was time to do something more important with this gift. I started writing – every day. I have ghost written many blogs but now I am putting myself out there with my name for all the world to see.

As a healthcare veteran, I believe I have some unique insights and knowledge to share. I’ve worked as first a Medical Technologist, now called Clinical Laboratory Scientist and then, for the last so many years as a department director and leader in my organization. My science background gives me a unique take on research and getting to the bottom of everything, my business background helps me understand the “why”.

As a leader, I have had the unique opportunity to lead others and sometimes many others with heart and joy. I can truly say that I love being a leader – that’s why I do it. I study how to be better, try to find new tricks to the trade and most of all, work to motivate myself to get up and do it again each and every day.

As a caregiver, I have studied, learned and asked questions and have some strong opinions on elder care, mental health, and substance abuse and how we handle these things and how we can do them better.

As a human, I have lived my life and come out on top. I’ve been married. I’ve been divorced. I’ve parented with a partner and alone. I’ve learned how to help others and I’ve learned how to survive some really tough experiences. Sometimes I think I’m very blessed and sometimes I realize how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am today.

Perhaps this is only the beginning. I invite you to join me: comment, ask questions, critique, but most of all, be kind to each other.

Disclaimer: While I am a medical professional, any information shared on this site is purely my own opinion unless quoted and otherwise stated. 


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